Thursday, June 28, 2012

28th June

Lentil and veggie soup plus Naruto! (Went on to have toast also).

27th June

My amazing (coffee-stained) dinosaur cup!

Part of my desk, messy already ;D

Cool wispy clouds!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

26th June

Forgot to get any pics during the day, so busy, so here's some evening sky!

And watched 2 eps of Korra, part of the Avatar series :)

Asti you gotta watch, but you gotta start with The Last Airbender first ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

25th June

Avocado and yam roll! Right round the corner from my new work, YES!

Bike parked up!

Outside the parking garage :)

Mango and 'rosewater' smoothie from the new East Is East location...2 shops down :P

Forget the name, but they have chicken, masla, and potato and other nice stuff in!

Lady started dancing in there!


Long weekend in Victoria, here are some highlights!

Streets of Victoria.

Posh building.

The Empress hotel on the waterfront.

T Rex!!

Cool hat!

Butchart Gardens

An amazingly huge tortellini portion!

Craigdurroch castle.

Cool bridge on the boat trip.

More buildings.

Flying out of Victoria.

Over Stanley Park to Vancouver :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19th June

They gave me a free extra doughnut this morning - I blanked out on the reason why, my mind had just gone white with excitement!

Mah bag!

Taking the spare doughnut home (I ain't a pig, ya get me??).

Filled a sheet later in Kafkas of thumbnails, always good practice :)

Main and Broadway crossing.

Bright pink handlebar grips, WANT!

It looked like the sky had been cut in half :O

Oooh that looks cool...

...followed by oh mah gawd!

Monday, June 18, 2012

18th June

Blue sky! But windy.

Cinnamon doughnut!

Latte from Blenz...but I think I've kinda gone off lattes :/

Granville/Broadway crossover (seen from the Blenz!)

Some of my bike flair :D

Current Converse collection!


17th June

Salty caramel donut - not for me danke, too much!!

Posh coffee set :D On its own little wooden tray, I LOVE IT.

Main had a street festival (somehow I've got a photo of one of the barren spots).

Amazing t shirt I bought along there :D :D

Out to Whytecliff area, soooo cool!


Path of green.

Some gold on here :D

Little purse I bought especially for my coffee monies :)