Saturday, March 31, 2012

31st March

New apartment block gonna be built here just off Main!

Colourful houses along 10th :)

My brekkie at The Edge cafe, mmm in love!

Some blossom :O

A lot of Mass Effect 3 today! Saved a load of Krogans (Wrex!)...

And helped this lady with her daughters :)

30th March

Momo Sushi take away lunch :)

I may have got a bit of soy sauce on my sketchpad...


Went out with the guys to a Korean place in Richmond for duck!

Leftover duck put in some soup...

There was a funfair beside the train station :)

Ahh funfair art never ceases to amaze, haha :D

Justin Bieber...!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

29th March

The view from a co-worker's apartment!

Couldn't see any creepy neighbour today...

He cooked us lamb!

Old issue of Edge on the table :)

Late dinner of mac and cheese, NOM!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28th March

Very grey day and rainy start to the day :)

Spilled coffee down my front just as I was taking this, guh.

Message 1 on Tyler's drink...

My new cup! Got at an arts and crafts fair on the weekend :)

2nd Tyler message!

27th March

More creepy Tyler eye drawings around my desk...!

Sketch at lunch :)

Evening at a pub in Kits called Dentry's Irish Grill - these are bacon-wrapped perogies :D :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

26th March

A few of us got gifts from Jeff when he visited Portland! Cheers, got my fave Streetfighter here, Ken :)

Tyler's been putting up more of the creepy eye post it notes... ;D

Argh! One on my Cintiq when I was away from my desk!

Lentils with rice, onion and bacon, yum, and spares for tomorrow!

More Mass Effect 3, oooh can you feel the tension? ;D

Sunday, March 25, 2012

25th March

More flowers!

Amazing granola, fruit and yoghurt brekkie!

Cycled up to Queen Elizabeth park today, ahhhh!

Trusty bike got me through the winter :) Needs a clean desperately though.

We are one!

Guh outta the way trees!

24th March

The flowers are popping up outta the ground at long last, yay :)

Brekkie! Multi grain toast and a cuppa tea.

Obviously not chained up right *gulp*

Oooooh soon!

Tried out a nice Thai curry in Noa along Cambie, sehr lecker!

And then had to queue up for The Hunger Games, with lots of squealing fangirls, urgh.

23rd March

Black Frog for lunch, but look at the vieeeew!

Tyler keeps putting up these creepy eye drawings surrounding my desk at work...

To Tayber's place in the evening! They have a loooovely longhair tortoiseshell cat! Jealous!

Over to the liquor store with our special hats - here's Guy.

I had no idea Tyler was behind me when this was taken :P (Guy's photo)

Do not like my photo taken >.<