Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31st August

Headed into Downtown to have lunch with some friends :) I passed through Chinatwon, the edge of which is here:

The big new apartment block being built in Gastown certainly stands out a lot!

The smoking (and noisey!) clock along Water Street, the main touristy area of Gastown. Yes, I've been in that Starbucks before :p

The guys and gal had lunch on the waterfront, in the suddenly hot afternoon (no one pictured, think it's bad to take photos of people eating ;)):

Walking along the end of False Creek, turning back towards the city before heading back to Mount Pleasant. This area of land is still being developed :)

This place is along Main. Am I childish for laughing every time I walk past? :P

Sweet and sour chicken at Congee Noodle House along East Broadway. Asti, the sweet and sour chicken is like how they do it back in the UK, Hong Kong style! The place was very much like Wong Kei in London (same 'happy and polite' service, ahem).

Till tomorrow!

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