Friday, September 2, 2011

2nd September

Cooler today, breezier. Still looked nice though :) This is the view to the left from our balcony (not as exciting as the city, sea, and mountains, but we do get to watch the planes coming in!):

One of the many bikes rooms! This is just one corner of it. I don't prop mine up like that, far too awkward :P

These are the 'alleyways' in more suburban parts of Vancouver. They look MUCH nicer than the ones in London ;)

Checked out a place called Cedar Cottage Coffee House along Kingsway. Inside it looked great, but wow, this was one of the worst lattes I ever had! I had to mask it with a lot of honey. The rainbow cookie on the other hand was great :)

Outside! It was located right next to a pub too (just to the left) ;D

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