Sunday, September 23, 2012

22nd September

I gymmed, then straight to 49th Parallel for a pistachio doughnut :P

Special coffee

Also went for a bike ride to buy comics, heheheh :D

Off to Granville Island in the afternoon, hard to find parking of course.

Protection not doing so well...

Yep, that's a caramel and bacon doughnut there...

Strawberry iced doughnut! Doughnut day!

These things were HUGE! I didn't eat one ;)

Grey again, yes!

A little bit of the pale ale..

Playing Torchlight 2 with Fanny ;)

Drinkies with Jasen, Sten and the lovely Lydia!

We went for curry! Very good, though I think the mango lassi had a BAD effect - cramps, and was up all night in the toilet :(

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